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Security administrative system

Maintains data confidentiality and is free from software defects

Remote control capability

Manage the school, center, or your own business wherever you are without going anywhere

Online Features

CRM - Online Application - Online Registration -
Online Courses - Online payment

Additional features

Lower costs - Periodic reports - Good management - Data organization

The importance of the Schoolist management system

Schools/ Centers and Teachers have found great success in Reducing their administrative processes and increasing overall efficiency

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  • The system can be linked to a mobile application that allows sending periodic notifications to students or parents in a distinctive, professional manner
  • The application includes the feature of sending periodic notifications to students or parents to achieve professional communication with parents and students
  • The application is characterized by simplicity of use and easy access to information through its professional interfaces
  • Extensibility – Extending application capabilities without major code / architectural changes.
  • Compliance with Data Regulations

System Users

The most important school essentials these days, as everyone has become dependent on the Internet

The Internet is the means to participate in communication between people, through the website
to establish communication between the school, parents and students, and design an interactive
website for the school through which the teacher communicates with the students.

- Manage the school, center, or your business online at any time
- Create the weekly schedule
- Managing supervisors and distributing their work
- Building data
- Details of classes and roles
- School clinic management
- Teachers' data
- financial affairs

- There is an account for every student
- Follow up on classes
- Find out the result through the website
- Sending complaints to management
- Inquire about students by searching by name
- Modifying or closing the student’s file
- Inquire about student tuition fees with the possibility of modification

- There is an account for every parent on the website
- Knowing the teaching staff supervising their children
- Inbox for incoming messages from administration and teachers
- Watching the days of his children’s absence
- Knowledge of financial payments
- View school notes
- Communicate with the administration with ease

- Accurate follow-up of students
- Entering students’ marks and grades
- Sending jobs and assignments to students
- Organizing work and appointments in a professional manner
- Protection, high security, and comprehensive encryption of information

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We choose Schoolist for its user-friendly The platform has met all of our expectations

The application is very easy to use, you do not need to be a technology professional to benefit from it

Mr/ George Magdy

Mr/ George Magdy

Biology Teacher

The app always has new updates, and this is important because the company is committed to making the app different

Heights Center

Heights Center

Educational center

One feature that stands out is the ability to create customizable learning paths. This flexibility has enabled me to tailor assignments and lessons to the specific needs and pace of individual students, making the app a versatile resource for diverse learning styles.

Mr/ Hany Fayz

Mr/ Hany Fayz

English Teacher

Administrative system for school affairs

Comprehensive protection for all files and data

Automatic copying periodically and a system to restore it when any error occurs

Mobile application
(ios - Android)

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